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What is RakeSecret?
We are about to let you in on a very well kept secret and how you (the poker player) can profit from this information. Our program pays you every month for playing online poker by returning to you a percentage of the rake. The more you play the more money you will be paid every month by us. If you are playing online poker and not part of a rakeback program you are leaving money on the table. This amount of money that you are leaving behind can be quite significant often hundreds or thousands of dollars every month depending on how much poker you are playing. Let's begin with some basic information, so that you can understand how the program works:
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PokerHeaven Boss Media 30% Click Here
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Full Tilt Poker Independent 27% Click Here
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What is rake?
The rake is the amount of money that the live casino or online poker sites take out of the pot. Rake is synonymous with "House Revenue" or "House Profit". This is how the poker room makes money.
Most players understand that this is how the poker room makes money. Unfortunately, these players do not realize how much money they are actually giving away to the house.
This is where our secret comes in.
We have the ability to return to you a large portion of the rake that you pay to the house (up to 30% of your rake back).
For many players this translates into receiving a payment of several hundred or even thousands of dollars a month depending on how much poker you play.
Why can you pay me my rakeback?
The online poker industry is a multi billion dollar industry that is currently experiencing rapid growth. There are hundreds of different online poker sites that are aggressively competing to gain new players and increase their market share and profits within the industry. Due to the fact that players are located all across the world it makes it very challenging and costly for poker sites to advertise and capture their target audience. As a result these poker sites have found that one of the most effective ways to promote their sites is to team up with Internet Marketing companies such as ourselves and offer a share of the revenues for the players that we refer. Therefore by signing up through our site we are paid by the respective poker sites for referring you, which we in turn give a large percentage of these profits back to you (the player). This is how we are able to pay you a good percentage of your rake back every month.
Is this allowed by the Poker Sites?
Every poker site that we are promoting is 100% aware and has fully approved our rakeback program. Many of the sites are allowing us to deposit the player's rakeback earnings directly into their poker accounts. The poker sites realize that players that are receiving rakeback incentives are more likely to continue playing and remain loyal customers to their site, this is why we are permitted to offer a rakeback program to our players.
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